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eQn Guides Book 1

What to Wear for Riding

From suitable clothes for your first ride and what to buy when you ride regularly, through working with horses, smart show kit and what to pack for a riding holiday, What to Wear for Riding gives clear, practical advice to suit your style and budget. Find out what's safe and comfortable to wear around horses and ponies — and what's not.


eQn Guides Book 2

How to Approach Horses

The essential guide for anyone meeting horses or ponies, especially if you're not familiar with them! There are tips in this book for everyone from the budding rider — and their family — to the dog-walker, runner, rambler, cyclist and driver. Whether you're passing ponies on a public path or saying hello to horses over the stable door, How to Approach Horses shows you how.


eQn Guides Book 3

Simple and Effective Grooming

A few minutes' grooming every day is the best way to keep your horse or pony healthy and spot trouble before it happens. Simple and Effective Grooming shows you how to use your grooming time well, even if you're in a hurry.


eQn Guides Book 4

The New Horse Notebook

​​Getting your own horse or pony is a huge and exciting step — and will probably change your life. From whether to buy, loan or share, finding the right place to keep your new horse and choosing essential kit to how to source and store hay and feed, find a vet and farrier and just get to know each other, The New Horse Notebook will help you and your horse get off to a great start.



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