eQn Guides Book 4

The New Horse Notebook

ISBN 978-0-9957100-3-0


Cover imageGetting a new horse or pony is a big step, even if you've owned one before. The New Horse Notebook helps you plan your dream and sets out everything you need to know — and buy — before you take the plunge.


1 — Think Before You Buy

You'd love to get a horse or pony, but do you know what's really involved? This chapter helps you work out whether to buy, loan or share and what sort of horse or pony would suit you. It looks at how much money and time you'll need and gives tips to help you find the right one.


2 — Where Will Your Horse Live?

If you don't have your own land, this chapter explains your options and looks at the advantages and disadvantages of each type of livery. You might be surprised!


​3 — Hay, Feed and Bedding

What will your horse live on? How do you go about buying and storing it? Your basic options are explained so you can get started.


4 — Settling In

How to settle your horse into its new home and get to know each other. (It can take longer than you think!) This chapter also offers tips on handling an unfamiliar horse and how to decide when to take that first ride, plus troubleshooting tips for when things don't go to plan.


​5 — Tack and Equipment

We look at the essentials for getting started — as opposed to the extras you can buy as you go along — so you can plan ahead and budget for the arrival of your new horse or pony.


6 — Support and Networking

From the professional advice you'll need — such as vets, farriers and saddlers — to support from friends and family, this chapter helps you make key decisions as you settle down to life with your new horse. Read this to help you live your dream!



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