eQn Guides Book 3

Simple and Effective Grooming

ISBN 978-0-9957100-2-3


Cover imageGrooming is a brilliant way to keep your horse healthy as well as looking fantastic, and you can do a great job in just a few minutes a day. In Simple and Effective Grooming you'll find the answers to these key questions, and many more tried and tested tips.


Why do we groom horses?


How long does grooming take?


Should you use the same brushes on every horse?


What equipment do you really need?


Why is hoof-care so important?


How should you groom a horse that lives out?


How do you clean a wet or muddy horse?


How do you check your horse's health while grooming?


What about mud fever?


How do you wash a horse safely? (And when should you not do it?)


Essential kit – brushes you really need, what they do and how to use them


Caring for stabled horses, ponies that live out, show days and everyday routines



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