eQn Guides Book 2

How to Approach Horses

ISBN 978-0-9957100-1-6


Cover imageYou've got to read this book if you find yourself bumping into horses and ponies when you're out and about – especially if you're not familiar with them. It's an essential guide for runners, ramblers, cyclists, drivers, dog-walkers and first-time riders. And if you're in a stable yard while your children learn to ride, How to Approach Horses is for you too!


Packed with interesting information and fun facts supported by clear photos and illustrations, this book doesn't just tell you what to do – it explains it all clearly.


1 – Why Do Horses Get Scared?


2 – Tracks and Trails


3 – On the Road


4 – Horses in a Field


5 – Up Close and Personal


6 – Can I Give a Horse a Treat?



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