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What to Wear for Riding

ISBN 978-0-9957100-0-9


Cover imageFrom suitable clothes for your first ride and what to buy when you take up the sport, through working with horses, smart show kit and what to pack for a riding holiday, What to Wear for Riding gives clear, practical advice for every budget. Find out what's safe and comfortable to wear around horses – and what's not.


1 – The First Ride

What clothes do you need? Chances are you already have something you can wear for your first ride – we help you find it and avoid painful mistakes. What's essential (like a riding hat and safe footwear) and why. Plus: how to save money, and plenty more.


2 – The Next Step

When you go horse-riding regularly you'll need some practical riding clothes and outdoor wear for all weathers. We help you sift through what's on offer and choose the best kit for your style and budget. Warm and sensible or a bit of bling? It's all here!


3 – Western Riding

Clothes for Western riding have a casual, practical look that you can achieve safely and easily with our hints and tips, wherever you live.


4 – Safety

What to wear around horses is all about safety. We guide you through buying and fitting key items like hats, body protectors and air jackets. Plus: understanding safety standards, and much more.


5 – What Not to Wear

The wrong trousers aren't a matter for the fashion police, but they will be uncomfortable and may even be dangerous. Here's what to avoid – and, crucially, why.


6 – Riding Holidays, Trekking and Endurance

Long hours in the saddle call for the most comfortable, practical riding clothes for all weathers – and that includes underwear. What to wear, how to pack light, plus top tips on useful extras.


7 – Unaffiliated Competitions

Looking your best is a big part of going to a show. Take pride in your horse and yourself with our top turnout tips, and have a great day out!



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